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Who Is Responsible About What Happens To Me???

"I got a bad grade because the teacher does not like me"

"My mom got mad at me because it was raining and I got wet"

"I am cold, my mom did not wash my favorite sweater"

"I was late because the alarm did not go off" 

How easy it is to blame others or the circumstances around us. When in reality it is Me who is responsible for everything that happened, is happening and will happen to me. 

I am  responsible for my life when I:

  • Accept responsibility for my own behavior whether in the past or in the present, or in the future.
  • Base my choice making on principles and values rather than on circumstances outside of me or moods.
  • Choose not be a victim or to blame others for what happens to me.

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Take the initiative in order to create changes in your life!. YOU LEAD UP!

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